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Riccardo Scalera is a naturalist with 20 years of professional experience in the field of conservation biology, wildlife management and vertebrate ecology, associated with a good expertise on European environmental policy and legislation, particularly in the field of nature protection and biodiversity conservation (e.g. Habitats and Birds directives, EU Regulation on Invasive Alien Species), sustainable exploitation of natural resources (e.g. in relation to the CITES and related EU Wildlife Trade regulations, etc.) and some relevant financial programmes (LIFE, Horizon 2020). Riccardo has been working for several institutions and organisations based in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK and New Zealand, among which the European Commission and some related bodies (the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the Research Executive Agency, the European Environmental Agency, the Joint Research Centre), the Council of Europe, IUCN International, WWF-European Policy Programme.

At the national level has been working with the Ministry of the Environment in both Italy and Denmark. In Italy, other clients include the Institute for Environmental Research and Protection (ISPRA), the Ministry of Agriculture, the University of Rome and the Rome zoo (Bioparco). Riccardo has published several papers focusing on biological invasions and other biodiversity conservation issues (a list of selected publications is available here), plus monographs and reports, and about 100 articles on popular magazines. Furthermore, since 2009 he is programme officer of the IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group and co-editor of Aliens: the Invasive Species Bulletin.

A walk in the Majella mountains, Italy. Photo © Riccardo Scalera

Environmental communication is another core expertise of Riccardo, who has a long journalistic experience and carried out a number of communication activities (e.g. information campaigns for the Rome zoo). From 2007 until 2014 has coordinated an international team of experts to support the selection of LIFE+ Information and Communication projects on behalf of the EC - DG ENV. 

For further information please contact Riccardo at Scalera.Riccardo(at)gmail.com 

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